Saturday, August 8, 2009

Broken & Beautiful

How can something so beautiful
be so broken?
When something looks like that,
what do you put hope in?

Or is it the brokenness
that makes it beautiful?
Would it be the same,
would we feel its pull?

The beauty is all around,
you just have to find it.
From the mountains to the city,
There's no place it won't fit.

You can't heal the broken,
You can't change the past.
The only thing to do
Is something that will last.

Bring light to the hurting,
Chase the darkness away.
Because when you bring Jesus,
He promises to stay.

Reflect the Son.
Bring hope to all places.
Give love to the world,
And brighten the faces.

When something has Jesus,
No matter how small,
His love will spread,
Just wait for your call.

-Tori Westrick
August '09


Mari said...

Tori - this is beautiful.

Diane said...

Love it Tori! Thanks for sharing this and I thank God for giving you such a wonderful caring heart!

Love you!