Tuesday, July 28, 2009

haiti time :D

we are leaving for haiti in less than 3 hours!! (well, to go to church and pick up allendale people. then we go to nate and brenda's with the van to meet up with the team, and then after that, we drive to detroit.) so there's a few steps in between, but we are leaving the house at 12:30, so i'm counting it :D

i am soooo excited. people always ask me about haiti when i get back. they ask me why i like it so much and why i would want to go back there. they ask why i go there in the first place. they ask about the country itself, its people, its language, its culture - everything. some of these questions are easy to answer, like the ones about the country. most of them are impossible to explain. i can not tell you why i love it there. the only thing i can explain is that haiti is a part of me. God put the passion for it in my heart, and there's nothing i can do to change that. last summer when we got back, i wrote in my journal "haiti is contagious, and i caught it."

this trip is going to be different than ones from the past because we won't be going to la digue. we'll be in port au prince for a few nights and the rest of the time will be at ebenezer, which is farther south than we had been before. this is hard for me because i have friends in la digue that i won't get to see obviously. i know that God has a reason for us not going there, and i'm not worried or upset about it. i trust that i will see them again someday, even if it's not here necessarily. God knows what he's doing, and i know that. i don't doubt him for a second.

thank you to everyone that donated to this trip for anyone, with money and prayers. prayers are the most important thing for us right now, so please pray for us if you think about it! mission trips are spiritually overwhelming, and prayers are extremely important. thanks again :D

love you guys. be back (waaaay too) soon.

(p.s. i'm going to schedule some old haiti pics to post for while we're gone. :])


Mari said...

It's almost time! I'll be praying!

Melissa said...

You are amazing Tori! I hope you have an amazing time in Haiti! <3