Sunday, June 28, 2009

random fun facts.

i figured since i hadn't written anything in over a month, and everyone else was finally getting back to the blogging scene (peer pressure?) that i should probably find something to update about. bullet points are for added effect. they make it seem like i have more to say :] here goes nothin...

  • summer vacation is finally here :D (yay)
  • i finished freshman year (another yay) with a 4.0
  • soccer season turned out great. i love my team. can't remember our record though...
  • trying to teach myself algebra 2 over the summer so i can test out for next year
  • so far i have learned 3 lessons
  • that leaves me over 9 chapters :O (yikes)
  • i took driver's training a few weeks ago
  • now i have a permit :D (once again... yay)
  • i got poison oak probably from the backyard
  • they put me on steroids ("uber tori" -said by aaron)
  • i still have it. all. over.
  • "all.over." meaning: eyelids, ears, nose, the rest of my face, neck, arm, between fingers, over fingers, hands, feet, legs, upper back, stomach, chest, hips...
  • we put some calamine lotion on it last night to see if it would help
  • i looked like an aboriginee (hong-chon-chong :])
  • fun fact: when calamine lotion dries and you itch it, it squeaks. but it only squeaks over the areas where the poison oak is. security alarm? who knows.
  • i got my haircut on friday
  • i like it... correction. LOVE it.
  • but don't expect to see pictures 'til after the poison oak goes away :]
  • we are going to haiti in about a month (that would be a HECK yay :D)
  • someone from the haitian church volunteered to teach me creole
  • haven't seen a follow-up on that one yet
  • i was hanging out with my dearest tiffany this weekend :D
  • just f.y.i. she lives too far away for my liking
  • we went to a graduation openhouse this weekend also and saw aaron-sita :]
  • he also lives too far away for my liking
  • he pulled a chair out from underneath me at the openhouse and i almost hit my face on the table
  • he didn't even feel bad
  • actually he laughed
  • today i watched coach carter with my mom
  • i love that movie beyond belief :]

mmk pretty sure that's enough! lol and all that i can think of. could be more later. we'll see. thanks for carin' about me after all this time ;] annnnnnd. that's all.


Mari said...

I would have laughed too! Sorry about the poison oak but you still are beautiful! I never heard of Coach Carter.

Melissa said...

Welcome back! I can't wait to see your new haircut. I hope your poison oak goes away soon soon soon!