Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blonde Moments

I'm pretty sure that last night I did the dumbest thing imaginable at 2 am.

So I was sleeping, okay? And I woke up all of a sudden because I felt something bitting my hand like a bug. I sat straight up and threw off my blankets. Then I was looking at my blankets, and didn't see anything, but was trying to shake them out and brushing them off and all this stuff. Then I felt the same thing on my leg. I was like there is no way I'm going back to sleep if there is a bug that is going to bite me in my bed. So I kept brushing off the sheets and looking for this stupid bug. Then it bit my hand again. I looked down. I was wearing these shorts that had the drawstring on them, and the end of it is hard. THAT is what kept "biting" me. I seriously just sat there and said out loud to myself "Oh my gosh I'm retarded." Laid back down and went to sleep.

Don't judge me, I was having a crazy day yesterday. My mom and dad went to some thing at my dad's work and my brother was at school last night. I was sitting ((in our new recliners =])) watching some tv show that I don't remember. But someone said something that I thought was really funny that probably wasn't even funny at all. I was kind of in a slap-happy mood yesterday. Lol. But I started laughing and then I stopped for like 3 seconds and kept laughing. It wasn't even funny anymore and there was nothing to be laughing at. I was laughing at myself laughing at nothing. Then my eyes started to water and I started laughing harder because I was making myself cry from laughing so hard at laughing at nothing. Finally I made myself stop though.

Thought you all could use a laugh :) Just a warning though, if you want to hear more dumb things that I did, don't make fun of me okay?? The stories will end :) You have been warned.

P.S. NATE AND BRENDA ARE GOING TO HAITI TODAY AND I AM VERY JEALOUS. :'( but I get to hang out with Tiffany and their kids all weekend so I guess that's okay. :)


Mari said...

You have given me a laugh today. I'm checking this at work and people just looked at me funny because I started alughing out loud!

Diane said...

Wow... that's all I can say about that... just... wow! ;)