Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Trying to wait patiently
To get out of this place
This place I don't want to be
Pleading a case
I'm never going to win
Trying to get out
To get out of this sin
My mind wants to doubt
My heart wants to trust
To trust His perfect plan
I know that I must
Let Him be God, let me be man
But it hurts and I'm breaking
I need to move, need to go
My heart is aching
Time passes so slow
Just gotta believe
Believe in His plan for me
I just gotta leave
I just gotta be
-written today when I got bored during art :)


Diane said...

This is the second time I've read it now and I like it even more! I didn't "hear" this before but it sounds like a rap!! :) This might be because I just heard a rap song though.

This poem is amazing Tori and you have been given a wonderful gift!

T♥RI said...

mom i totally can see the rap thing going on... like a group 1 crew kind of thing lol :) awesome, told you guys i was ghetto :D