Thursday, October 2, 2008

In His Eyes

Why don't people understand?
Everyone is the same.
It doesn't matter your race, gender, or shoe size.
Everyone is the same.

If you're tall or short,
Fat or thin,
Boy or girl,
Adult or kid,
Everyone is the same.

You could be fast as a cheetah,
Or slow as a turtle.
You could be a lion, who roars with power,
Or a small, little mouse, who squeaks in fear,
Everyone is the same.

Even when we all forget
And sometimes judge ourselves,
Someone remembers.
In His eyes,
Everyone is the same.
-written in 7th grade for English class


Diane said...

Very cool Tori! And so true!!!

Tiffany said...

love this! it's so true, and we forget so much. i hate that so often our skin color and social status determines who we are in the eyes of others. that has nothing to do with who i am on the inside or who i live my life for! i wish more people would realize this. very cool girl :) you are amazing. love you!